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When you’re learning something new it’s helpful to have expert assistance on hand. We see personal trainers at the gym and use mentors to learn the ropes of a new profession – why should research be any different?

A consultation with one of our team will potentially save you significant time, and will assist in ensuring you’re on track to produce a great piece of research. Whether you’re a novice researcher or more experienced and needing to learn something new for a specific project, we have a range of options available to support you and are able to offer this either in-person or online.

One-on-one project advice

One-on-one consultations are a great way to access tailored, expert advice for your research project, be it quantitative or qualitative. Our experienced staff can advise on all stages of the research process, from initial design through to writing up. We can provide upfront guidance before you embark on your project, or ongoing support as your project progresses. If you’re not Auckland based, we’re able to ‘see’ you online, via GoToMeeting.

Examples of recent one-on-one consultations include:

  • Discussing coding completed in an NVivo project with a postgraduate level student, reviewing whether it had been appropriately undertaken, and suggesting ideas for moving forwards with the analysis.
  • Reviewing evaluation data with a client from an NGO—assisting with the statistical analyses and making suggestions for better ways to design future evaluations.
  •  An online consultation with an academic, during which an NVivo project was set-up with collected media reports. Techniques for coding and analysis were also demonstrated.

Costs for this service start from $175 + GST per hour.

Research mentoring

One issue with being a novice researcher is that “you don't know what you don't know”. If you’re a postgraduate student, you’ll obviously have the assistance of your academic supervisor. But, if you’d like a little additional support then we’re happy to assist – book a series of meeting with us or opt for ad-hoc support on an “as-needed” basis. We’ll help advise on the most efficient way to complete your research, keep you accountable with your progress, and provide a friendly ear when you need encouragement. You’re also welcome to bring your supervisor at no extra charge!

Costs for this service start from $150 + GST per hour – pre-pay for a block of five or ten hours, and receive a 20% discount.

Team BYO project sessions

Are you working as part of a team on your research project? Finding it difficult to focus on your research within your usual work setting? Consider booking one of our team ‘BYO Project’ sessions. All you need to bring is your project (and your research team) to our offices in Auckland's CBD, and we’ll provide you with a quiet and uninterrupted space to work on your research. Our experienced researchers will also be on hand to provide assistance, as required. You might be looking for guidance on your analysis techniques, upskilling on a software application, or seeking general tips for working successfully in teams. These are all aspects of the research process we can help with.

Our training room is designed with researchers in mind, with a computer suite incorporating the latest research software, and space to discuss your analysis/research collaboratively. Sessions are typically 3–4 hours in length, but we can tailor these to meet your specific requirements. We’ll also provide tea/coffee and homemade baking to boost your energy levels while you work! Costs for this service are POA.

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