Data analysis

Collected research data but have limited time or capacity to analyse it? Academic Consulting can undertake the analysis for you, leaving you free to focus on other tasks.

We work closely with our clients to ascertain their project requirements. This means you can be confident when you hand over your data to us, that we will have a clear and complete picture of your analysis needs.

Our researchers are expert in a range of software packages, and can analyse both qualitative and quantitative data. You may be looking for us to set up and analyse SPSS data files, or code your qualitative data utilising NVivo.

In terms of specific outputs, we can deliver completed NVivo projects, SPSS output files, or Excel graphs. We can also write a report summarising the results of the analysis, ready for you to incorporate into a journal article or report.

Please contact us to receive a customised quote for your project.

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