Qualitative Data Analysis Masterclass

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Given the complexity of qualitative data, it’s not surprising that the techniques to analyse it are equally multifaceted. This masterclass is aimed at researchers with some qualitative data analysis experience who are looking to extend their knowledge and learn more about the different techniques available. It’s intended to be a very practical course, so bring along your research experiences and questions, as there will be opportunities for discussion throughout.

While the content of the training course will be tailored to the needs of participants, by the end of this course attendees will have a good understanding of how to:

  • Prepare and manage qualitative data, and how this relates to the analysis process
  • Select the best analysis approach for a qualitative research project
  • Conduct an inductive thematic analysis
  • Use strategies for data familiarisation
  • Develop a well-designed coding framework
  • Move beyond coding into interpretation
  • Work with memos and encourage reflexivity in analysis
  • Overcome some of the challenges of qualitative data analysis.

Note: This training course is suitable for researchers with some experience in qualitative research/data analysis.

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