Our Winter Webinar Series for 2021 has now finished, but it's not too late to access the content that we offered. Watch the webinar recordings below to see what you missed – these will be available until Sunday October 17th 2021. If you need further training, check out our new Research Accelerator membership.

Data Analysis Tips

Regardless of whether you’re conducting a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods analysis, there are some general principles regarding best practice that apply to all of these approaches. This webinar covers some of our favourite tips for successful data analysis and is suitable for both novice and experienced researchers. We’ll start by discussing what we consider to be ‘golden rules’, discuss some techniques for keeping track of your data and analysis, and touch briefly on some issues relating to data analysis software.

Productivity Tips for Researchers

Finding time for research is one of the biggest challenges we experience as researchers. Faced with large volumes of information to process and not enough hours in the day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This course covers a range of practical strategies to assist with your productivity, so that you have more time to focus on your research. Strategies will include techniques for prioritisation, managing emails and information overload, finding focus, and dealing with an overflowing to-do list, just to name a few!

NVivo From Start to Finish

NVivo has such a wide range of tools it’s easy to lose track of them all, and the bigger picture context of your research project can get lost in some of the detail. While there’s no such thing as a 'typical' NVivo project, this webinar aims to demonstrate a possible sequence of steps that you might follow if you’re using NVivo for qualitative data analysis. We’ll briefly touch on preparing and importing data, developing a coding framework and conducting basic coding, exploration via queries/visualizations, and moving from NVivo to a written product. This webinar will be perfect for both NVivo novices and experienced users of the software.

SPSS Tips & Tricks

SPSS is one of the most user-friendly statistical applications currently on the market. This webinar is aimed at researchers who are familiar with the basics of the software, who are keen to work more efficiently with their quantitative data. We'll be sharing tips and tricks relating to data entry, analysis, and working with output, along with some of our favourite time-saving tips. We'll also discuss some useful resources for learning statistics so that you can ensure the analyses you conduct in SPSS are appropriate.

NVivo for Literature Reviews

Reviewing the literature is an important part of the research process. Organising relevant papers and findings are more than just data entry or bibliographic tasks, you also need to be able to analyse and integrate this material with the qualitative data you are gathering. This one-hour demonstration will provide an overview of NVivo’s functionality with regard to literature reviews. Importing and coding literature, running queries on published material, and working with bibliographic data in conjunction with your NVivo project will all be covered.

Your Research Writing Toolkit

Regardless of whether writing is a task you love or hate, it's something we need to a lot of as researchers! In this webinar we'll be discussing some of our favourite features of Microsoft Word for writing, to help save you time and improve the quality of your writing. We'll also touch on software you can use in conjunction with Word, including reference management software, grammar tools, and mind-mapping applications. We’ll be asking attendees to share the applications they’ve found most useful and why – you might just discover your new favourite writing app in this session!

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